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May 19th OpenVPN Update - Windows/Mac/Linux

We have updated our OpenVPN connection options to include selectable encryption levels, this allows you to choose the best for your intended use.  Choosing a higher encryption level will increase the encryption complexity, which may come at the expense of some speed depending on the processing power of your computer.When installing OpenVPN on ... Read More »

Apr 27th Sideload OpenVPN to Amazon Fire TV

Due to high demand, we've added a guide to assist in sideloading OpenVPN Connect on to the Amazon Fire TV.  This will give users on restricted internet connections the ability to use our VPN service on their Amazon Fire TV and also help those users who are unable to use SmartStream.  You can find the setup guide ... Read More »

Apr 26th SkySports BoxOffice With SmartStream

Just in time for Joshua vs Klitschko we have added support for SkySports BoxOffice to SmartStream, this is enabled on computers (Windows/Mac), iOS, Android and best of all the NowTV box! Buy your pass for the fight using the link below, download the SkySports BoxOffice App, then sign in on your device: do ... Read More »

Jun 20th IMPORTANT: Windows OpenVPN Update

We've released an update to our Windows OpenVPN software, due to some modifications to the VPN software that may impact your ability to successfully use our service especially on Windows 10, we recommend that all Windows users update when they are able.Download links for the currently supported Windows versions (Vista, 7, 8 & 10) can be found ... Read More »

Nov 24th New VPN Locations

We're pleased to announce that we have added a number of new VPN servers, across 3 different sites/locations: UK Location 3 UK Location 4 Canada UK Location 3 and 4 are available to all customers whose service includes the UK VPN options, these 2 additional UK VPN options use different network providers to further underline our commitment ... Read More »

Jul 28th Windows 10 - Updated version of OpenVPN

An updated version of StreamVia OpenVPN has been released for Windows 10, if you have upgraded to Windows 10 and experience problems connecting please install the updated version.  A link to the Windows 10 OpenVPN Setup Guide has been included below, but can also be found by clicking 'Setup Guides' top right-hand corner of our ... Read More »

Oct 23rd WiFi Problems in iOS 8, 8.0.x and 8.1

There are a number of WiFi problems in iOS 8, 8.0.x and 8.1 - this impacts the performance of streaming on iPads and iPhones - we've included some links below that help with this problem, we also strongly recommend you try restarting your broadband router. The guides advise how to reset the network settings, along with disabling WiFi location, if ... Read More »

Mar 18th Apple iOS 7.1 Update for iPads, iPhones & iPods

Due to some problems with the Apple iOS 7.1 update we are recommending that users do not upgrade at this time, this appears to be a generic problem in the network stack impacting general wifi speed but also VPN speeds - this is not confined to us and appears to impact all VPNs, as the below forum post details, users connecting over long distances ... Read More »

Jan 8th L2TP/IPSec VPN Users in Oman

If you are using our VPN service from Oman and using L2TP/IPSec (typically if on an iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc) you may need to switch and use a PPTP VPN instead - PPTP works fine - please click 'Setup Guides' from the top right-hand corner of our website and follow the PPTP guide for your device.  It seems the ISP in ... Read More »

Sep 26th Stealth VPN Update - USA Location 2 & 3

Regretfully due to some unavoidable changes any users using the Stealth VPN (Windows & Mac OS X) for USA Locations 2 and 3 will need to update their software, only the OpenVPN/TunnelBlick profiles need updating - this only applies to Stealth VPN users, regular OpenVPN/Tunnelblick users are unaffected.Windows users:Install the updated version ... Read More »