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Our UK Betting VPN uses IP addresses from Residential broadband providers, which means no blocking!
From only £24.99 monthly!

This is a TRUE residential VPN, I have never been blocked from any Poker or streaming sites!

UK Residential VPN, just like a home broadband connection

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Blocked from Betting sites? You need a UK Residential VPN with a Static IP Address

A Residential VPN IP address is the ultimate VPN to avoid blocking, as it makes your connection appear just like a standard home UK broadband connection!

Many Online Betting and Gambling sites can only be accessed from a home broadband connection, by using our UK Residential VPN service you can get a static BT UK Residential IP Address.

  • Instant activation, easy setup
  • Static BT Residential IP Address
  • Appear like a UK home broadband user
  • Online Betting and Gambling
  • Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Undetectable Residential VPN
  • iPad, iPhone, Android
  • OpenVPN

Residential VPN is different

Online Betting without getting blocked
Home Broadband IP Address

Home Broadband IP Address

A Residential VPN uses IP addresses from home broadband suppliers, which makes them highly resistant to being blocked. Many sites now 'whitelist' home internet connections.

Secure Encryption

Secure Encryption

If you use insecure public WiFi hotspots you risk becoming a victim of identity fraud, with our Residential VPN your Internet traffic is securely encrypted keeping you and your data safe at all times.

Social Media, Poker, Gambling, Betting

Social Media, Poker, Betting

Social Media, Poker, Gambling and Betting websites are some of more stringent when it comes to blocking traditional VPN services, with a Residential VPN IP address this is no longer a problem!

Social Networking

Hide Your Location

When connected to our Residential VPN your online location will be masked, whether you want to change your location to bypass blocks, or simply for security, we've got you covered. Stay hidden from prying eyes.