UK Betting VPN

Our UK Betting VPN uses IP addresses from residential home broadband providers.
Use our VPN to access UK Betting sites, with a static Residential IP.
Appear like a UK home broadband user.

Buy a UK Betting VPN

"I've been using StreamVia for a couple of years, mainly during the Football season.
I've never had any problems with restricted access to the popular UK Betting sites."

We provide a true UK Residential VPN:

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Blocked from Betting sites? You need a UK Residential VPN, with a static IP address

To use UK online Betting sites, it is best to do so from a residential IP address. Many of the common VPN providers are already blocked from accessing Betting sites, due to previous abuse or suspect behaviour by other users of their IP ranges.

Don't get your Betting account restricted.  Use our UK Residential VPN service with a Shared or Dedicated 1:1 IP, making it the ideal VPN for playing Poker online. Wherever you are.

Our UK Residential IP VPN service provides a static IP address from BT, the largest residential home broadband provider in the UK, on a high-speed 1Gbps connection.

  • Access Betting sites
  • Windows, macOS, Linux
  • iPad, iPhone, Android
  • OpenVPN Router
  • UK Residential IP from BT
  • Static UK Residential IP 
  • Shared or Dedicated UK IP
  • Stable service

Other providers use fake 'mixed' IPs:

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Bet online worry-free

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Our UK Betting VPN provides you with the opportunity to have your very own Dedicated 1:1 UK Residential IP. Use UK online Betting sites with our UK Residential IP VPN from anywhere, whilst always appearing like a UK home broadband user.

Avoid IP Blocks

Betting Blocked In Your Country

If Betting sites are blocked in your country, or by your Internet Service Provider, our UK Betting VPN will provide you with a Residential UK IP address, from BT the largest residential broadband provider in the UK.

Home Broadband

Home Broadband IP Address

A Residential VPN uses IP addresses from home broadband suppliers, making them highly resistant to being blocked. Many Betting sites now permit access from home Internet connections only. Using our Residential IP VPN helps you blend in and not attract attention.

Secure Encryption

Secure Encryption

Using a VPN brings many security benefits, ensuring your browsing is always securely encrypted. However, most VPN providers use 'hosting' or 'data centre' IP addresses, which can often be blocked on many Betting websites. Not a problem with our UK Residential IP VPN.

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